Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mark's Graduation

 Well hello blogging world! I haven't posted for almost a year. YIKES!! Well let's start off this new year with a very exciting post. Mark's graduation!! 

Mark was done with school June 2011, and walked at graduation August 2011
He graduated with a bachelors degree in History. 
What is he wanting to do with a History Degree you ask?
Absolutely nothing.
HA! Crazy eh. 
This man is a self starter and wanted to get on his career path, so he was interested in history and it was a good major cause it was quick and interesting. 
Mark wants to either start his own business some day, or help create more for a business that has already been created. 

The ceremony was quick and easy, only about 1 hour. Yay! Gotta love the Summer graduation! Thank you to everyone who came out. Mom and dad Thompson, grandma Naegle, and mom and dad Tuttle were also there, but some how didn't make the picture? After the ceremony we went to La Jolla Groves. It is a beautiful restaurant in the Riverwoods, and wow is it delicious!

We are SO happy to be done with school. In fact, this summer, the summer of 2012, we were thinking that we need to have a "Not going back to school party" Wouldn't that be a hit! Woo hoo!!

Mark I am very proud of you and all your accomplishments. You did so well in school, earning scholarships and high praise. I wasn't the best study buddy or editor, so I am happy to have you all to myself. No more stinkin homework nights! YAY!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The last stop on our trip was Mark's homecoming with Slovenia! And WOW!! It was so AMAZING! I told Mark that I would absolutely move here. I also told him that I feel we will be Mission Presidents here. HA!

This is Lake Bled, the most amazing place! Perfect clear blue water, amazing castle, and amazing church! Wow what a beautiful place! I took this picture and edited it.

This is Lake Bohinj. Another amazing lake! The most clear water and mountain setting. Jon took this picture and I edited it. I love instagram!
These next pictures are of Lake Bled, it seriously is the most amazing place EVER!

This is a picture of the church on the lake, you have to take a boat out to it. Imagine that!
Gondola rides, look at that greenery!
As we were driving through the country side we had to get out to take pictures of the beautiful country, here is Anne.

All the houses in the country are so beautiful! And they all have what are called "Sobes" which are apartments for nightly rent. We were supposed to stay in a hostel in Ljubljana, but once we got to Bled, and Bohinj, we just had to stay in one of these sobes
Our European sized car. Wow, they are so small!
Here is Anne and Tanner at the sobe that we stayed the night at!
This is in Bohinj, we went into the canyon, and wow, amazing! I am going to say that so much in this post! Now, looking at this next picture, you're going to say, there is no water in it. But heck yes there is! You just can't see it cause it is SO clear! All the reddish yellow rocks are actually under water.
Amazing trees and moutains! AH!

My Marker
Amazing country!
Here are more amazing houses in Bohinj

This is Lake Bohinj. Amazing!
More amazing countryside! You are just going to die when you see all these!

The second day in Slovenia we decided to go play in Lake Bled!

This next sequence is so funny! Enjoy!

After playing in the lake we went up to the castle! We didn't go in but the views around it were breathtaking!

This is a gate that is before the castle, look at the far right window, that is Carol sneaking her face through the small window, ha! cracks me up
And in this one she decided to just give a thumbs up!

After the castle we went to another AMAZINGLY beautiful place called, Vintgar. It is a canyon river followed up by a waterfall. SO amazing! most bule, clear, amazing place I have ever been, it was just so amazing. Hold your jaw closed while you look at these.

AMAZING right?!
Now this next picture was taken on a Saturday night in Ljubljana. It is EMPTY! apparently in Slovenia the weekend means stay inside. Crazy!
Sunday was SO fun! We got to go to the branch that Mark served in in Maribor. Most of the people that were still there and in leadership positions Mark brought in. It was such an amazing experience being somewhere where your husband had such an impact and it having such an impact on him.
This is the church in Ljubljana, it was huge! The church in Maribor was just a rented out space. Hopefully soon they will have a church like this.
After church we went to Andre's house. Mark actually baptized him. He and his family lives so humbly, but they are so cheerful and full of light! I loved this little kitty! So sweet!
This is Mark and I with Andre
And this is Andre's family.
What an amazing place and amazing people.

This concludes our European Adventure. It was SOOOO fun! I miss it! And I am so grateful that we were able to go and experience this!