Friday, May 28, 2010

Sarah's B-day!

It was my beatiful sister-in-laws birthday the first of May! I am so grateful for her! She is quickly becoming one of my best friends! We live close so we are doing things with Chris and Sarah at least twice or more a week. We get a long great, we can share our hearts and laugh and just enjoy being together! Sarah! Thank you for being my sister!!!

We started at this belgium restaurant in Salt Lake, it has the most amazing belgium waffles!! SO so yummy!!
Then we drove up to Ogden to go to the surf simulator. It was SO fun! It was in the same building as the indoor skydiving- pictured here.
This is Sarah Surfing! She rocked it!
Mark boogie boarding, and having a blast!!
He was a pro surfer!
Me after a sweet ride boogie boarding
Me boogie boarding, ha, you shoudl click on the picture to enlarge it. Now that took some talent!!
Sarah Boogie boarding
Chris surfing
This was such a fun day!! Thanks Sarah for having a birthday to celebrate!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

I know everyone knows but I have the GREATEST dad!! He is kind, and humble, happy, outgoing, energetic, family man, hardest worker I've ever met (and I've had the pleasure of working with him;) I am so grateful for my dad. He has provided for me to have every childhood wish. So dad, here's to you!

For his birthday I wanted to do something extra special cause he deserved it! So Mark and I decided to take him to a jazz playoff game! Just daddy daughter! It was a blast!!! The Jazz won, so he was their good luck charm, thank goodness he came!
He won us these noise makers, and wow, for being so simple they sure make a lot of noise!
Here's the jazz bear doing one of his crazy stunts! They actually have really cool ideas for time outs! Way to go jazz marketing team!

Again, happy birthday dad! I sure love you!!!