Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Best Friend's Wedding!

One of my best friends Emily Arbon just got married this past Saturday. Funny thing is, another of my best friends got married the same day two years ago! Whew, maybe December 27th will be my wedding day... Emily was put (through fate) as one of my roomates my freshman year at BYU, and we have been best of friends ever since!

This is another best friend, Todd Schwartzmen. Funny story about these two is they knew each other before I knew them both. Todd was a good friend during high school, and so when I got my list of roomates for heritage halls, Todd said that he met Emily at a freshman orientation, so he called her up and I got to talk to her and say hi, before we ever met.

Em and I! I can't believe she's married, she was the most non-commital girl ever, and now she has found the most perfect man for her! Yay! I am happy that she is so happy!

Emily and her new hubby Jason Gruber cutting the cake. Jason actually went to high school with me, what a small world! I was actually a reason they started talking. They both actually wen to school at BYU Hawaii, so they met there but never really talked, and then went to BYU provo the next semester, they saw each other on campus and said hi, and got on the subject of high school, and so it was easy to start talking cause they had me in common!

Two friends that were in the same apartment complex's as Em and I. Cable on the left live in Raintree apts, and was in our ward. And Amos in the right lived in Branbury apts with us.

Cutting the cake!

My bff Todd and Amy who I met through Em!

Cable and Amos again!

Amy and I looking into our future in the candle's fire's glow.

So I put myslef in charge of Emily's bridal shower, but I didn't want it to be just the usual sit in the living room playing games and all that jazz. So I reserved a private lounge in this non-alcoholic restraunt called Spark's. It is classy and creative lounge in Provo that sells ecletic food and drinks. It was so much fun!!! We ordered appetizers, drinks, and played games and opened presents.

Emily is drinking a Mango Mojito, Alison is drinking the same, Bryton is drinking a Shirley Temple, (that is cotton candy on her straw) and I am drinking a lychintini. These drinks were presented pretty, and tasted so refreshing and delicious!

Me and my lychintini again!

These were the appetizers we got. Cumin fries and Edamame

We gave Emily advice!

She really liked it, we are pretty clever for being single, except Bryton, she knows what she's talking about.

These are 3 of my roomates my freshman year. Emily, Alison, and Bryton. We have stayed close ever since! I love these girls!

Bryton girlie!

Alison girlie!

Funny faces!

This night was so fun, and the wedding and the luncheon were beautiful!! It is crazy that she is married but I am so happy for her! I love you Emily!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


So this is a little behind, but it's better late than never right!! Ha, so after High School I got in to BYU, and I was going into Marriage and Family Therapy. In this major you have to have a masters degree, and I decided that I did not want to have to get a masters degree! I wanted to be done with school and out there making money! I decided that it would be perfect for my future family if I got a degree in something that I could start as soon as possible. And so... with my history with braces and jaw surgery and such, I have always been interested in dental assisting. I always loved my assistants that helped me. So on my way to school I always passed school called ameritech, and then one day it hit me, that's it!! That's what I need to do! So I checked out the school, and I felt again that that was where I needed to be. So I went through the 9 month program, and the two month internship. And I graduated!!

These are the girls that I went in with. Jackie, she came from Canada, and Kristen, she is from Highland. We became fast friends and had a blast the whole time during school. Gradutation was definently bitter sweet!

These are two of my teachers. Lynn and Genna. They were amazing and taught me a lot!
These are all the girls that graduated at the same time as us. And my other teacher, Laura. I three of the best teachers ever! We had fun, as well as learning a lot!

Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandpa, K, and Linds, came and watched it all go down.

Yay for being graduated!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Computer Hardrive Took A Hard-Dive.

So my computer has been warning me that I didn't have firewall protection, but I thought nothing about. Until the fateful day that my computer crashed. And the computer guys at PC laptop told me that everything was gone. All my pictures, all my college papers, all my music, all gone. Such a sad day:( So I haven't even been motivated to take new pictures or nothing. But since I am writing this blog I have gotten up the courage to start again. Thank goodness for facebook though. I have a lot of pictures on there that would've been lost forever had they not been in those albums!! Moral of that story, there is always a ray of sunshine in a cloud covered sky.