Sunday, October 9, 2011


I skipped Venice! We were in Venice before we left on the cruise. It was SO fun! Exactly what you would imagine it to be, it was pretty surreal being somewhere that is so different and beautiful. This is Mark and I on one of the main bridges, I edited this photo with my Instagram app!

Mmmm nothing better than gelato!
We found a door that has our birth year! Go 1987!
The Venice idea of landscaping ;)
Bridges are everywhere! Obviously for good reason!
Classic shot with the pigeons at St. Marks square!
Another beautiful water way!

Here is another large bridge, this actually has shops on the inside
The gorgeous buildings along the water way. Interesting fact, the water is rising and so all the 1st floors are vacant because they flood every day!
The wood bridge!
A shot of St. Mark's basilica
St. Mark's basilica! So beautiful!
Large waterway!!

Listening to Rick Steve's!
The beautiful view from the bell tower
Beautiful Venice!
The market
We were only here for a day and a half but it was so lovely! Thank you Venice!