Tuesday, March 30, 2010


December 7th the Tuttle's went on an amazing race! We went to the mall and ran around finding clues and getting items! We had no idea what the winning team would get, but knowing Carol it was going to be something GREAT!! Mark and I returned 2nd!!! Ah nuts!!! So we stand before Carol and Jon (a.k.a Phil from Amazing Race) She said, "Mark and Jaleah you are team number 2. For your prize you get this sack of goodies, and your prize for being 2nd is written on the paper inside. Mark and I opened the sack and read on the paper. "Since moms birthday is the day after christmas and she recieves one free day at the disneyland resort,she is taking the whole family on a three day paid vacation to Disneyland!! WOOO HOO!!! And boy was it a blast!

We arrived Christmas night and enjoyed jumping on our beds and going crazy!

This was my third time this year going to Disneyland, and it was still just as great!!!

Disney had HUGE christmas trees all over the park! It was so festive and awesome!
The whole families FAVORITE ride was Toy Story!! We went on it at least 8 times!! It's 3D and you have 8 different screens to raise your score by hitting targets! We were so competitive, it was SO fun!
We had a 3-day park hopper pass so everyday we went to both parks. Such a blast!

In California adventure they have a Disney studios where they show you how they make their movies, and then you can be part of one. In one of the sections you go into the Beasts chamber, and it tells you what disney character you would be. Dot, from a bugs life was mine, and Mark's said his was Simba! Ha funny!

You always have to get the mickey pictures!
Here are two bugs!! Found them crawling around, "it's a bugs life" theater!
Whoa two more!!

It was so cool to be there during christmas, it wasn't too busy until the last day, and we'd already done everything anyways so it was ok!
The castle all lit up!
It's a small world all lit up!

K, this picture was taken in Space mountain, the one the park snaps. And it so happens that right when the picture was snapped it I get hit in the face with a huge luggy! Or some kind of water!! Look at how disgusted I am! Ha! It was horrible! I am so glad it got on camera! And so cute, Mark and I are holding hands!
The haunted mansion was all decked out in the nightmare before christmas stuff. It was so cool!

This is my most favorite picture!!! You can see how freaking scared Mark and I are!! This is the mickey roller coaster in California Adventure!! (Actually, we knew where the camera was going to be, so right before it, I screamed to Mark to make the most scared face ever! Boy did it turn out!!! ahahah)
This one is cool cause we got the whole family in a picture! This is on the tower of terror. Mario and Chris tried pulling my hood over my head for it! No such luck boys!! Everyones face crack me up!!
Now this picture is just sweet!
No!! I'm not a fish! Don't haul me away!
Matterhorn! Finally this day was warmer! Short sleeves!

The new movie "The Princess and the Frog" had come out right before this, so it was so cool to see the production of it in New Orleans square!

Another favorite ride was Buzz lightyear! We want on this at least 4 times! There's something about competition that we thrive on!

Such a great trip! Thank you momma Tuttle!! Thank you Tuttle kids and momma Tuttle for being so Stinkin fun!! And thank you Mark for bringing you inner kid! We had so much stinkin FUN!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hawaii Trip up!

The date said it was posted two weeks ago, but that's really when I started it! Had to post this so you all knew I had a knew one up!! Woo hoo!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


For Thanksgiving 2009 the Tuttle's went to Hawaii!! I haven't been there since I went with Heath and Kelly, Kinners, Maddi, and Kade! So it was so cool to be going back cause I have such great memories from that!!
We got in to Hawaii about 3:00 pm. Dad and Anne came and picked us up and drove us home to the North Shore! Mark's grandparents, the Wagners have a beach house there. Right off the beach, it's SO beautiful! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of it! There are two quaint and comfortable cottages on the property. So when we got home we hurried and changed and walked down to the beach and played in the beautiful water and waves! Next morning we chilled and listened to the Air Force vs. BYU game on the radio, then realized that we were in Hawaii and should go out an do something ;) we decided to go on a hike, Anne knew this really cool hike. It was beautiful! It followed the shore line, and was really neat!

So when I take pictures, I try to make the most pleasant face possible. I think this one turned out really well! As you are going through all these pictures make sure to take note of all my pleasant faces:)
On Sunday there was the pro surfing competition going on at haleiwa beach park. So we got on our swimming suits and headed over! On our way there we saw a farmers market going on. So we had to stop! Fresh fresh fresh food, drinks, wow it was awesome! So yummy! There is a painter that is very famous for doing graffiti art. He just draws on the sides of building, so as you're driving you'll see a whole side of a wall painted, and know, oh there goes Ron Artez again, doing his grafitti art! It really is beautiful!

During the winter the waves are so extreme that surfers from all over come to the North Shore to be in these surf competitions! It was so neat to be here during this time
(dang it's blurry!!! But pretend you see four guys out there trying to catch the best wave and do crazy tricks!)

Mark picked me this beautiful flower! Isn't it so prefect! I love Hawaiian flowers!
So Sarah brought her "Hip Hop Abs" Video, and of course we had it do it! This was one morning when we were caught in the action
This island is SO beautiful!!!

So during the week there was a day when the waves were so high that people weren't allowed to play in the water, so we went and watched a surfing competition, crazy thing is.. that the waves got too intense for even them to ride them. It was so amazing, you'd drive along the beach and cars were stopped everywhere and people were just sitting on the beach watching the waves. WOW!
Cute sisters!
What a handsome man! I am SO lucky!!

This tree was so intricate, I just had to take its picture!
This was where they were hosting the women's competition, on Sunset Beach. But it was post poned due to the INSANE waves! Anne and Tanner having a moment
Mark and I having a moment
Chris and SArah having a moment
Just pure craziness is all this is.
awh, and then a moment
I told you, pleasant faces! I wanted to know what it would be like if you really had four eyes
Just one of the moves I do often..
Look at all that white water!! Now you know those waves are INSANE!!

If you go to Hawaii and don't stop at a shrimp truck, you are crazy!! They have the best shrimp there!!

So the last day Mark and I took a long walk along the beach! So lovely!! And we found incredible things! Like this here little guy!- yea not so little! He's huge!
And lo and behold, we come across the LOST set!!!!! One of my favorite TV shows!! They weren't filming, bummer, but seeing the set was awesome enough!! Here is the camp they had on the beach

The church they started building
The grave yard- it was SO cool to see this!
And a little further- 2, yes count them 2, Turtles!!!

And then we came upon this sand writing.. jk we did them. Just to show the world our love

What a beautiful place, what a beautiful vacation, what a beautiful family! I am so lucky to be apart of the Tuttle Family!! Look for more pictures of Hawaii to come Christmas of 2010!!!