Thursday, March 19, 2009

Valentines Day

So Valentines was a blast. And yes I am just posting these pictures... You see, I just got a new baclground and I was so excited about it that I wanted to put up a new post and try to get more current! We went to Bucco di beppo (or some spelling like that..) and the food was DELICIOUS!! It was served family style so we all shared huge dishes of pasta and meats and yumminess. Here is Vick and her date Jon. These are the only photos that I got of the event. But hey- at least I have some captured memories of this day!

The delicious desserts! I just had to capture them on film. Even though they don't look nearly as good on camera as they did in real life.
My beatuiful sister and her handsome husband came down from Idaho to play with us. But they were only there for dinner- boo hoo! But at least we got them for that!

I loved how we made this v-day a whole family affair! It was SO much fun being with the huge group and just enjoying ourselves. I love my family!!