Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Tuttles Home!

Kelly requested forever ago that I post our house! And I finally did it! Haha! So here you are Kelly, and all of yous whose interested! Mark and I are fortunate enough to have Marks Grandparents who bought houses for their grandchildren. We got to pick which on we liked and move in and rent from them! About 6 months into renting we decided to buy. So now we own the home. Pretty crazy! But it is wonderful!!

This front room was empty for a good part of the first year we lived here! Then my mother-in-law was so great to get me jump started to fill it! I am no good with interior design, so we decided what style I liked, I decided whimsical and light. And then we found the furniture and put the room together! It was SO fun! I LOVE this room!!

This is the front entrance. The sitting room is to the right, and a bathroom and garage are to the left.

This is our family room. Marks styling is more this room. The high contrast and sharp design. We bought the couch, TV stand, and TV when we first got married, and the design evolved through the year. We love this room and enjoy spending time in it!

This is the recreational room! I have my treadmill in here and our snowboards, someday this will be the babies room, but for now, it's this!

This is Mark's office!

This is our extra bathroom.

This is our bedroom, it doesn't have much in it yet. Hopefully soon it will be more designed! But it's comfy and large, so we love it!

This is our dinning room, My mom provided me with table decor for all 12 months, and more! SO fun! I love switching them out every month! This one here is Halloween.

And this is our kitchen!

So there you have it! This is our house. We sure do love living here!!