Friday, June 27, 2008


These pictures aren't in chronological order of my day, it's bit backwards, but oh well!! haha

On our way to "Kung fu Panda" SO fun!
Taking our seats, oh yea we're excited!

The fam took me to Olive Garden, I made everyone get the soup (zuppa tuscanna is my favorite!) and salad and breadsticks!! It was SO yummy!

Mommy and Daddy!

Before blowing out my candles and making a birthday wish!
I'm cutting the cake for everyone!! This was the best cake ever, the frosting was AMAZING!!!
K and Linds decorated my room, what little cuties!!

Me and my birthday cake!!
Micah and Raquelle
The new sisters!!
Grandma and Grandma
Linds likes kissing K's cheeks!

My birthday presents, Mom and Dad got me 21
red roses, they are SO beautiful!!

My canadian friends from school went to Seven Peaks with me. It was an awesome day!! Couldn't have a better 21st birthday!!