Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So the second part of our trip was going on a Cruise! This was gifted to us by Mark's parents as Mark's graduation present! It was SO fun! Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the cruise ship and activities. BUT! I did get pictures of the stops that the ship had! The first place we stopped was Dubrovnik, Croatia! It was a surprise, oh my goodness it is SO beautiful! These picture below is the gate to the "old town" It has its original walls, one of the best preserved cities. We all didn't know what to expect as we went there and we were all pleasantly surprised

When we got into the city we found a driver that would take us to all the best spots in Dubrovnik, He drove us around the Island and we stopped at this look out spot. The opening to the right is from the Ocean and is Salt Water, and the opening on the Left is fresh water, so they meet in the middle and become a mix, pretty crazy! And oh, SO beautiful!
The next look out point that we went to was one that looked down over the old town, you can see the city walls very clear from here. And this is all of us posing for the pic!
A better view of the old town and the city wall.
The next stop was a little fishing village, the water here is AMAZING!!! So crystal clear everywhere! I wish we had this kinda of water here in America.
In this small village the kids were playing waterpolo and the boys couldn't help but jump right in!
And look at how beautiful the city is!! AHH lovely! I could live here!
Here is a picture of The old city that I edited, Pretty huh!!

This is up on the hill where you can over look the old city, the building that we are in front of was Napoleon Bonepart's (have no clue how to spell that! ha!) But this is the building that the croatians fought and beat the Serb's in the 1990-93 war. The war stopped here cause the croatians defended their home turf. Cool!
Look! A picture of our cruise ship!
That is the van that we drove around in. And those mountain range in the background, Bosnia!

What I love about Europe is the free water EVERYWHERE! In the most beautiful fountains
Marker, there was another spot where the boys found to swim and so he is drying off.
The beautiful small streets!
Now our next Stop was Athens, Greece! We went to the Acropolis! It was PACKED!! And so cool to see the ruins, what I like about Greece is that they are fixing the ruins. In Italy there is a no upkeep rule, and here they are trying to recreate what they looked like when that were first built.
This is the Parthenon!
Here we are on Peters rock over looking Athens. We actually met the new missionaries, they come here on their first day to have a prayer meeting. So cool that we were here the day they did this
Here is the look from Peters rock up to the Acropolis.
Beautiful arch way
Look at all the people!! It was crazy and SO hot, but awesome!
This is an old theatre, they still use it today
Long line in to the Acropolis
The rebuilding of the Parthenon
UMmmm... ok, this was the MOST amazing gyro EVER! wow, it was so yummy!! Mark said the only regret that he had in Greece was not getting more gyros.
The HUGE city of Athens
Then the next stop was Olympia, Greece. We decided to not go into the city because we saw a lot of ruins, so we played at the beach, in the beautiful clear water.
It was a lot of fun, we actually rented bikes and rode to this beach, and then after rode to a different beach, where there were jelly fish, they were beautiful! It was awesome! What a FANTASTIC cruise! Just thinking about it makes me wish I was back there! AH!! It was so great!