Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have the most amazing mother in the whole world!! She has provided me so many opportunities, I am a girl who has done it all! And my mother has been there every step of the way! When I was in Showcase, (singing and dancing group) my mom wouldn't just drop me off at practice, she would come in and watch! She had so many other things she could've done, but she didn't, she wanted to watch every tranformation I made, she didn't want to miss a thing! She knew what it would take for me to become a great performer, she got me into private voice lessons, I took from several teachers because my mom wanted me to be well rounded in all styles. Every tour, every dance competition, my mom was always by my side. And I always wanted her there, never did I thought that I wanted to do it on my own. I always wanted her with me. She brought the best out of me. When I wanted to cheer she let me take private tumbling lessons. So I would be the best cheerleader I could be. She always had family scripture study in the mornings, she always made sure that we loved reading the Book Of Mormon, and had family prayer. She taught us the gospel and did so in such a way that I wanted to live it, and never strayed from what she taught me. I am so grateful to her for that. When I got old enough to be out on my own, she let me. She knows that I needed to spread my wings and try to fly on my own, always being there when I needed a little extra lift. She is my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration, my hero. I love my mother!!! I am so Lucky to have her in my life!
My amazing parents!
It was a beautiful day, perfect for sitting out on the rocking chairs!
The meal was Amazing!!
Micah Face!
Linds and K!
Fabulous Grandma and Grandpa!
It was Mike's birthday party too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Best Friends wedding!

This is my one of my best friends, and her future husband and K and I.
We always have SO much fun!!!
And she just got married!! I am so happy for her, her and Garron have been best friends for 5 years and they finally realized that they are meant for each other! I love this love story!

I am so happy that she is happily married! Now it's my turn!! muhaha!!

My new sister-in-laws!

These are my new sisters! I am so excited that we already love to play together!! These pictures are from when we went down to Las Vegas for the MWC championships. And we just played and played!
Lindsey is kind of a bully.... but I still love her!

This was in the car down to Vegas, we were in Cousin Dave's car (Gillespie) and he listened to staticy talk radio the whole way down, so we had to share my zune! We needed some tunes!
Ah what little cuties!
Funny Faces!

So I am getting two new sisters!!! YAY!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is my first time ever blogging! At first I wondered why I would need a blog, but then I realized that this is a perfect way to keep in touch with my amazing family!! I love to look at Kelly's, Heather's, K's and Lindsey's, Brig's, Kinner's, Katry's, Maddi's, and Sethers, blogs! I feel so close to you and I feel like I learn so much about you! And to my nieces and nephews, I love watching you all grow up!! I feel like I miss so much since you all live so far away!!! So with this maybe you all could get to know me better too! NEVER forget how much I love you all!! I am so grateful that our family is going to be together FOREVER!!!

And here are more, I could only fit a couple of them on that first go around!

Modeling any one?

So last September I saw an add in BYU's classifieds for an agency, and I thought... why not! So I decided that I'd try it out. I've always been interested in acting, and singing, and modeling... so I went to the agency, and I signed with them, and this was my first photo shoot! I knew that ya'll probably want to see the pics so here they are! Just a few of my favorites!