Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dance Dance Dance!!!

Now A lot of you might be saying right now, "wait a second, aren't you a little to old t be dancing?" And I would say to that, you are NEVER to old to dance!! This year was SO fun! My cousin Vicki is the assistant director at a dance company, "Jive" and she has put together a group full of "retired" dancers! We all were on high school dance teams, or danced in company's. ( Like me, did cheer in high school but danced and sang at Showcase) So we all loved dancing and are still very talented in the art of dancing! It's so much FUN!! This year I had my sister-in-law Sarah and two of my best friends, Bryton and Emily, do it with me!

From the left, Crystal (28), Sarah(27), Bryton (23), Mckenzie(22) Emily (23), Me (22) and Vicki (25) Do we look our ages?!! haha, it was so funny, we did the opening and closing numbers with the girls that dance at the studio, and asked them how old they thought we were, they said, 18 and 19. SO great, since all of us are a bit older than that ;) The costume we have on in the above picture is for "When September Ends) by green day. It was our contemporary number
This is our, "Have you Ever Loved a Women" costume. It was a lyrical jazz number. We also did a hip hop number to "freeze" by Chris Brown. Costume below!

You can't have Me with out funny faces. So here are samples of some of our greatest- Sarah, she get's a prize for sure
These two are always making crazy faces!!

Vick and I after the concert, whew do we look beat? It's cause we had 5 performances in 2 days!!!
My beautiful family came to support me!! As they have for all the years that I have danced, I LOVE you guys!!!!