Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thompson Reunion!

Such a fun weekend !! We missed the Thompson troop dearly!! And Brig and Katry ;( Bummer! But it was great having everyone else there! Staven and Ashley did such a great job! Everyone had fun the whole time, it was a great success!! the first day we went up to a resort in Midway and Heather created an amazing greek feast, it was delicious! then we hung around and played games, and then all headed to bed!
In the morning was Mark and my breakfast. We did Creme Brule French Toast with strawberries! I'd say it was a hit! Here is a flash forward to boating. After breakfast we headed over to deer creek reservoir to go boating (thanks Jon) and Ski doo'ing Thanks Heather and Brig! So fun! Here's Ethan steering the boat!

Back to breakfast! This is what it looked like, next time I'll make sure I make more! (sorry it's upside down, I couldn't figure out how to rotate it)
Kai enjoying his meal with his perma-smile!
Sethers eating it up!
Lainy just being cute!
After boating K and Linds made a feista with chicken skewers and bean salsa and watermelon! So great! then the next morning Micah made us mountain man breakfast, it was delightful! then we headed to the park by Staven and Ashley and had our family olympics!! Here is a video of Mark and I winning in the stick race! woo woo! Vicki and Gabi were very close behind!

Now this duo was hilarious!! Look at the progression on pictures, here is getting ready
Right after "ready, set, GO"
And the second try after that! What cuties!! Ha they could never get the right timing together (notice Staven and Ash are out of this picture;)
More Stick races! Mark and I were the winners in this one! BOo YA!
Three legged races

So fun! And then after that we went to Stav and Ash's and played on the bounce house! For dinner the Angeleri's made delicious apricot chicken and asparagus, and oh the fruit pizza! Love that!! then we met up for a devotional by mom and dad, ate the infamous tuna melts and orange slices prepared by Staven and Ashley. Then we went to church and had dinner, took family pictures and said sad goodbyes! I love you guys! Thanks fo being my family!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hawaii July '10

Our biannual (is that how you say, 2x's a year?!) trip to Hawaii! I love this Tuttle tradition! Sadly, there will be only one more planned trip, and that will be this christmas. The house is going up fo sale, and we're all sad to see it go! So these trips are for sure going to be remembered! This time I didn't take as many photos as last time and I am SO disappointed!! The pictures we do have are due to Mark, and they are gorgeous!! Yay! This is the hawaiian sunset, so beautiful!
The days were spent sleeping in, changing straight into swimsuits, and heading to the beach. We would always have a different activity to do. Paddle boarding, snorkeling, boogie boarding, skim surfing, swimming in the perfect waves! I definently love the summer in Hawaii. Sunshine, calm waves, clear water. I loved sitting at the beach with the ladies, each had a book in our hands, and we'd watch our husbands play tackle football in the waves, we'd laugh with each other, go back to reading, all the while knowing that we were getting beautiful tans. Now, I have to talk about the waves. At Waimea Beach they were SO perfect, no curling at the top and crashing down, just powerful swells that would take you on a journey up the beach and then back into the ocean, everyone was in the water playing the same game with the waves, back and forth. It was perfect!! One day we went to Waimea Valley, it is so beautiful there. My first and only experience before with Waimea valley was with Heath, Kelly and fam. I had such fond memories I was excited to get back there! And it didn't disappoint, it was still just as beautiful! At the end of the valley there is a waterfall that you can play in
We all brought our swim suits and made great memories swimming into the waterfalls pocket and emerging like mermaids under the falls.
Such a variety of plants and flowers. Everything had an explanation stating why it was there and where it originated from.
It was a beautiful jungle and I really wanted to play Tarzan and Jane and swing from vine to vine!!

Another day we went to honolulu and went shopping at the flea market, and then later that night at the mall. We also went to a beach call Lanikai, it has white sand and warm waters. Most of us were bummed that it took 2 hours to get there but realized after a while that it was definently worth it! I really wished we had more photos, I'll just have to keep the memories near the surface so I can remember them often

Good bye paradise Hawaii, see you in December. Till then I'll be dreaming of you often