Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Horsin Around!

I forgot to rotate this picture but this is little K-bub and he is SO excited to be aroudn the horses.. when they aren't walking towards him, or he's outside the fence...

Brig and Lindsey and are ready to take on the challenge. Brig has his muscles and Lindsey has her "you bet I'll throw down this challenge" face.
I love this picture. Everyone in the family knows that Kaleb is SO shy, but he and Lindsey get along so well!! He laughs with her and let's her hold him, and it is just so cute!

Sethy boy is riding Sparky and keeping her under control! Look, he is such a pro he doesn't even need a saddle!!

Beautiful Katry is riding Casper, even though you can't see Casper. She i doing a very good job of getting him to "giddy up!"
K and Lindsey are giving emotional support to dad while he is saddling up babe.
Hi Dad!!! You're doing a great job there!!
All the Redd kiddos and I just had to take a picture on grandpa's olden time tractor! We had fun pretending to drive it and playing with the wheel, and praying the seat wouldn't fall apart while we're in it!
Now for those who don't know Babe, she is our newest horse, and hasn't been broke yet. So I am here teaching her the ropes of being just the finest riding horse you've ever seen!

She has no choice but to behave, I mean honestly, look at those muscles!!
Brig is riding Ari and Katry is in the background with Casper. These kids make some mighty fine cowboys!

Brig is chillin with Molly. She is so happy, he is so happy... It's been a great day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dental Assisting!

I am almost finished with school! I am finished next week!! YAY!! This are pictures of my class, there are only 4 of us, but we're all super close and we have a lot of fun!!

This is one of our teachers, Laura Black. She teaches most of our clinic classes!
There is Kristen, Me, Jackie, and Shandelle.

This is our teacher Lynn Tyler. She teaches our main classes and our dental lab classes. She is an amazing teacher!!