Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baja Mexico Cruise!!

So every year our Dentist Les takes us on two trips! One with our spouses, we usually stay close but have a blast, EX: in february we went to midway and stayed in a cabin and ate like kings a queens, and played on snowmobiles. So the next trip this year was a girls trip, and guess what we did?! We went on a cruise!!! 1st cruise I have ever been on! It was a blast, I was a bit sea sick most of the time, but that couldn't hold me back from having a good time! I love the people I work with, strange thing is we all get along, VERY well! So trips are like hanging out with your best friends! SO much fun! Les is the best boss ever, I told a patient the other day, he asked if we liked what we did as dental assistants. my response?, "Being a dental assistant is great, but having the boss we do, makes every day SO much better. He isn't stingy, and close minded. We have responsibilities and are expected to be great, And we are. And did I mention he's hilarious? Everyone of us when we're together just laughs and laughs Our patients have a very different experience when they come to us! Any way, back to the cruise! It was a 3 day cruise, we left from Long Beach, CA and ported in Ensenada Mexico.

Sittin waiting for our flight!

On the shuttle to the "blow hole" in Ensenada

Walkin through the flea market. There were so many men yelling for us to go to their shop, and how did they address us you ask? like this, "Hey barbie, come here, I got what you need" "Hey Britney Spears" "hey supermodel!" (say the previous with a thick mexican accent)very crazy, you just had to look straight ahead and pretend to not notice. HA!

This is the view of ensenada from our ship


Makin our way onto the cruise ship. We got there SO early, but it turned out perfect! I guess you have to wait in super long lines to get to the cruise. But, early check in is a breeze! We checked right in, got right on, ate lunch. We were even allowed into our rooms earlier than normal! It was awesome!!

Before our flight, Lindsey and I of course, making silly face

Lindsey, Nicole and I. We've landed in Long Beach! Yay!! What a little air port. Mark and I went on our honey moon there so I had experienced this air port once before, but wow, it is tiny!

Cruises are so great because you can have all the food you want, and it is delicious!! mmmm, this is our dinner party. Our waiters were fabulous and hilarious! loved it!

This was our boat, "the paradise" it was so great!

I can't make this picture any smaller, darn it! But this was my favorite memory from the cruise!! We went into the piano bar one night, and they are so much fun! Everyone singing along with the piano man. So great! So it was getting late, maybe like 1am, and the piano man turned around to us and said, one of you three has to get on the piano and sing. I was SO IN!! So I sang Elton Johns, "I hope you don't mind" It was SO fun! Loved it!!

Such a fun vaca with my ladies and Les. THANKS Les! Best boss ever!!